Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Butterfly Necklace

A present was needed for a Girl in The Blu Man's class. She had done a very kind Hearted thing for Him, something most kids these
days wouldn't do. I wanted to return this, to let Her know, it did not go unnoticed.

I had the opportunity to ask Her about Her favorite colors. She replied "black & white".
She has the most vividly gorgeous red hair,
and I thought, how appropriate!

I just happened to have these Butterfly Pendants made which turned out to be perfect. She plays the Harp, so the Music ShEEt was Lagniappe! Luckily, I had the perfect Chain too.

Adding a note thanking Her for her kind heartedness, I slipped them into a muslin bag, and tucked it into Her hand as class let out the last day. She was smiling before She even opened it.

I have no idea if She liked it or not, I suspect I will find out in August when They resume school. 

Apologize about the picture, which is a shame, because the Black GLiTTeR REALLY just shimmeys and shimmers. The Resin really highlights the Music Notes also.

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