Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving ~ 1973
 Another Time honored, Quintessential, Holiday classic.
At one time or another, We have probalby all had a Thanksgiving like this.
I don't mean We had Toast and PoPcorn, 

Maybe we have.

But more a Gathering of NoN~Traditional Sort.
Friends, Holiday Orphans, and the Odd Distant Relative of a Friend,
or,  Your own.
And it all worked out in the end.
Perhaps, even beTTer than a family dinner.
These Charlie Brown Thanksgiving's can be aDDictive, (singsong)

I haven't bought these on dvd, yet.
I still like for My Womb Fruits to have the excitement and anticipation of waiting for the Holiday shows, and then watching Them all together. How about Toasting up some Toast, and PoPPing uP some PoPcorn, and 
gather around to watch.
There's always something to be Thankful for, and I just named a few of Mine. 

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