Friday, November 27, 2009

Apple Cake

This is the recipe for the Apple Cake that I cooked Thanksgiving.
It is from the Essentials of Baking from Williams~Sonoma, a gift from The Turkish Mother.
I am being Extremely Lazy here, and scanning the recipe. Click on it and it will open into a screen size page.
And on top of that, I missed a lot of step~shots.
Including, as per the Standard Clause of Hecticness, the Finished~shot. {sigh}
But~ not to despair! It got Raves.

This bOOk has loads of great looking recipes. 
Considering how well this Apple Cake ended up, first try at that, I'd say its a go~go for future recipes.

{best Price is Right model arm sweep}
And here,
We have the recipe for that Apple Cake.
What is your bid?

I did get Starter~shots...

and I got a SemiFinished~shot....

I did not use the optional Maple frosting. 
With the extra diced Apples I had, I baked an Apple Crisp.
It really is a Delightful cake, ....try to sneak a piece when its still slightly warm! 

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