Sunday, November 15, 2009

And the Yulemas Hits just kEEp on comin..More Decor!

The Elves have bEEn BUSY!
My mother in law decided to do a little Wynter Cleaning and
We won the Holiday Payday!
As She's been Living in the country on a good acre or two of land,
there were lots and lots of decorations.
We were in danger of becoming the Griswolds!
 Which seems to be The Man's ultimate goal.
There werre 4 Santas (including a huge animated one)
2 Candlesticks, 2 Angels, 2 Plastic Snowmen,
1 Stackable Snowman, loads of shiny light up signs, 
a 6 foot long light up Santa and Reindeer board 
(which is going on the rOOf, snort, that's a story for later,I'm sure!)
even a Horse and Carriage (which we just didn't have rOOm for, alas)
We had enough decorations to up our loot, 
give all three of the Older Kids decorations for Their homes.
and, My brother, too.
Its beginning to sound like a Yulemas Carol (wink)
With the Abundance of Wealth,
comes the Sharing of Wealth. 


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