Friday, November 13, 2009

HaPPy Friday the 13th ~ This one brings an Early Yulemas Treat

The Christine Dress and Zola Shoes

The Man played Santa early, and Mrs. Santa is a verra excited Gal!
I am SmiTTeN.

Named for Christine Daae, the Heroine of Gaston Leroux's famous French novel "Le Fantome de l'Opera," this sleeveless gown by Nick &Mo evokes all the elegance and grandeur of a Paris opera house!
The Man and I both have an appreciation for the Phantom of the Opera. In December of 2003, at The Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, We went to the play. The whole night was just, Brilliant.
Cold weather, Yulemas Decorations, NEW ORLEANS, Me & The Man, a Play....
and! We had decent Seats!

The Christine Dress from Mod Cloth.

I really Delight In many of the things sold at Mod Cloth, but I have to keep a hard watch on the LENGTH of the DreSSeS. The Christine Dress is one of the few that has a Longer length to its skirt, which I can appreciate. At the age of 42, I want to look Nice and Polished, Young and Fresh, without looking like I'm trying to be 22 again!  This Dress does it for Me.
And the picture does not do the Fabric justice.
Its wholly Sensuous.....Heavenly.

Now the Shoes, They are Ravishing!

shoes by Born
style ~ Zola
color ~ Melanzana

When I look at these Shoes, I feel, Potential.

But wearing them, absolutely Saucy!
They feel so Righteous!!

Not being One Who is Practiced in the Art of HeeLs, it was to My sugar surprise, 
I could WALK in Them. 

So, yes, Mrs. Santa is a verra verra happy GaL. 
The only down side, I have to wait til Yulemas to get Them.......

Although The Christine Dress is sold~out, Mod Cloth has a constantly changing inventory 
of really nice stuff

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