Monday, November 30, 2009

Bringing out the Holiday Yard Bling

Remember that LoveLy unexpected stash of yard bling my mother in law sent us?
Its time to show it off! ")
So We mixed it up with Our stuff, gave a lot of it away to the older kids, and STILL didn't put everything out....but I bet We make Griswold Gold Status next year.

Ours: Although these are not the actual vintage pieces I had as a Child,
They are great replicas. I was bonkers when I first saw them years ago.
These are must haves every year at our homestead.

 New pieces but quickly favorites. I'm really digging that White Tree, the bulbs are those big fat round bulbs and they look like ripe pieces of candy hanging there. SugarPlum Girl instantly befriended the Snowman; not surprising since She's in Love with Frosty and has already watched the show a multitude of times.

 Old and new again.

 There was supposed to be this HUGE 6 foot holographic light ups Reindeer~Santa-in-his-sleigh~thing that was going to go up on the roof, but it won't quit raining. Maybe some time before Yulemas..

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