Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Couch

Home repairs and House cleaning are all a part of the Holiday HoHo Scene.
This is especially important, if You plan on doing some entertaining at Your humble abode.

These kinds of jobs can feel overwhelming and it's easy to put them off,

 and again,
 and again.

Seeing as We are having Thanksgiving Celebratories at Our house this year,
it was time to Shake it, Stir it, Whip it up. Get this house in order
So, I began, with........

The Couch.

Our Couch has been There and Back.
After 4 years of wear and tear, it was time for Make Up and Make Over.

With The Man, being out of town for the wEEk, I found the perfect Opportunity and Time, to sit down and get it done.
I dug out the Sewing Machine, Thread, Extra Needles & Pliers, Steam Machine, and Warned the Washer.

First things First: Toss pillows to side.

Slipping off the slip covers for the big cushions I dropped them in the washer and put them through a Hot Tub SeSSion.

I proceeded to dump the Couch upside down, and fed up with ripped torn undercovers, I removed them.
Doing this also makes it easier to keep the inside of the Couch clean because the Couch droppings, (hahaha) end up on the floor making it easy to just vacuum up.
That Couch got cleaned in places neither one of new existed, Inside and Out!

Next, I sat down on the floor, and using both Hands and one Foot, stitched the PiLLows back together.
It was much like watching a Frog who's a SeamStreSS.
I would grip the Edging with my Hands, place the Edge under the fOOt and nEEdLe, and then using myFoot, press the pedal to make the machine get up and go. At one point I even pressed the Reverse Button with my big toe, the pedal with my foot, and hands on the pillow guiding it through!
Honestly, it took about an hour, hour and a half (ok, two at my house, due to dealing with the womb fruits) to sew the six pillows (also removing any broken through plastic tubing), vacuum the couch, and wash/stitch repair the slipcovers.
Once all that was done, I began washing the pillows individually. One at a time, cause that is all that would fit in my washer.
That was it for tonight.
Tomorrow, I steam clean the arms and look for any minor repairs that need to be done, that i missed the night before.

Progress people, progress....

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