Sunday, November 29, 2009

Decorating the Tree, Grinches, and Shreking the Halls

The tree is up, 
Lights are hung and glowing,
It's time for some tree fashion.

When my oldest one was little, 
I was drawn to some decorative plastic popcorn and cranberry garland. 
Kind of pricey, and, of course, plastic.
Being a single mom, money was verra tight.

Fresh PoPcorn and CranbeRRies go a Long way for a LiTTLe bit...
and there is where Our tradition of PoPcornCranberry Garlands began.

After The Man set the Tree, Mamma Me strung the Lights.
The the Sugar Plums and I sat down to start stringing. 
If You've never strung a garland before, it can seem tedious. 
Once You get the hang of it, and yes, 
there is some hang to get! 
Its amazing how long of garland You can make in no time. 
Especially if You have company
Especially if You have Holiday Music or Shows playing.

And You don't have to overload Your tree for the Garland to have impact. We don't even circle around the tree. 
we drape it in the front.

Time for showers, and pjs.
Then the Gatherment of Snuggle
for viewing of much loved Vintage Tv.

As in The Grinch.

and some viewing of new Tv
As in Shrek the Halls
{which was actually quite fuNNy}

A mix of the Old and the New.
Isn't that what passing on Traditions are for?
And aren't Traditions for making?
They have to start somewhere.

The Tree looks LoVeLy as it is.....but there is more to come!

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