Monday, November 30, 2009

Decorating the Tree.....Part 2

Today we Decked the Tree,
The Halls,
The kids..

And for the first time Ever! 
The Sugar Plums did it themselves...
sniFFLe, I've waited a long time for that.

It's always exciting to open up the Holiday Tree Glam
oohing and aahing,
looking for those damn hooks!


Oh but the eFFort is Worth it. 

 The Sugar Plums having Fun.

Naturally, the Vintage pieces make it feel like LoVe.
This is a crocheted Tree skirt that My grandmother made for Me, I believe in the late 80s? Yep, that long ago. I treat it like a delicate piece of Lace. 

This exquisite, yuMMy piece is from My childhood.
Its so beautiful hanging by the PoPcornCranbeRRy Garland. 
All I need is a little Dean Martin crooning in the background and I've got a serious Yulemas Trio to put ANYone in the Holiday mOOd.
Handle with care!

 Here are some more Vintage pieces from My childhood. And in case you've forgotten, I was born in 1967! greatest year there ever was....
{just my humble onion}
Notice the fantastic GLiTTeR designs?? 
That is my favorite part about these Vintage pieces,
{gold ball, green ball}
That ceramic rocking horse behind the green ball was a present from a middle school best friend. I recently connected with Her again, and She was thrilled that I still not only have it, but use it.

Say what you will, but a Tree just doesn't Rock until is flittering with Silver Tinsel.

Here it is, all put together.
An attractive, charming blend of LoVe.

{this is just a picture of what my tree looks like from underneath}
Don't ask, lol

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