Monday, November 16, 2009

Lost Beauty Products

Everybody has one. or two. or three...
Those favorite products that for some reason just disappear.
Nothing like getting ready for a Holiday, doesn't matter what kind of Holiday!
and not have those trusted products that you know and LoVe.
I mean, REALLY!

These are my top three fave products of all time
And these products were always sold out. I would always have to buy two at a time, just in case.

Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo and Conditioner
LoVed IT!
People are still confused and a tad bit fuming over the loss of this one. Many complained that it dried their hair, while just as many said it didn't. It didn't for me. Thanks to the internet, you can find a product called by the same name, but alas, sigh and a sniffle, I think not. Now the shampoo does smell as close to the actual as I can remember. The conditioner I remember griping about. And beware where and what you order listing as having the "real deal".  The phillipine site is deceptive. It does not come in the bottles shown. I ended up paying an outrageous amount for what turned out to be a palm~sized, or travel size bottle of both.
And The Vermont Country Store is advertising GYHST, but I'm a bit confused as to whether its their own "formula" or if it is received through the phillipine site. It has gotten good reviews. Make sure and read them!
Their is mention of small bottle sizes.

Oh the pain of lost power over great skin!
Fostex Cream {the one in the bottle; I couldn't find a picture of it}
was my cure for the adolescent break out.
My Cousin the Model turned Me on to it.
It really worked.
It was the only thing that worked.

I even tried Fostex soap bar and it didn't work, not like the cream.
Have no clue why they quit making it.

But the biggest sniffler of all time:

Professional Prescription Humectin Humidifier by Jheri Redding

{there is absolutely no picture to be found of this lost product}

When You have thick curly hair, like I have...
and You live in the South, like I do...
and You nEEd Beautiful Hair, like I want...

Then why the HELL do They get rid of a great product that freakin works?!
Why the Hell, do they do this?
Priscilla says get a grip, the GLiTTeR is running.

The Sister~in~law used this product when dating The Brother. I borrowed it, and for the next almost 20 years, I never used anything else. Even in My heydey of Big Hair products {aka~ the stiffest hair gel I could find and My trusty big ass yellow can of Freeze It!}, My hair always looked good. No flakes, No frizzies, just damn good hair.
I have eventually found a conditioner that works, but its never been quite up to par with Reddings.

Max Factor

Now We can add Max Factor into the bunch.
One of My two most used lipstick brands.
They were Lush, Creamy, full of Color....YuMMy.
I'm so tired of all this gloss crap they sell now.
Max Factor.
They're gone.

Alas, over the years, I've found replacements, either commercial or natural.
I would rather just have My stuff back!


  1. I came to this page via Pinterest. GYHST was my favorite shampoo growing up. Loved what it did to my hair and I definitely loved the compliments I got on how great I smelled. LOL. I always take a look around for it knowing full well I won't find it but there is hope. Cheers!

    1. Moe ~ we can cry in our drinks together. It was always a fave of mine when we went to the beach. Even in all that ocean air, the scent was there.
      Thanks for coming by, I love seeing new peeps here!