Thursday, November 12, 2009

BoHo Skirt for the Thanksgiving Celebration

I had been EyEing this Skirt for a few years now....a LoNg few years.
Alas, I just couldn't sync up with it.
Every year I decide on a Holiday Treat Package for My Self.

It always has the foLLowing:
A new Outfit or Article of Clothing
New Make Up
Bath product
and a Lagniappe...........
mmmmm, maybe a New CD, or a New Purse;
or a Series of bOOKs.

I decided that My new Clothing would be this Skirt,
Its actually a bit darker brown than the picture seems to be showing, and I'm crazy over the Orange and Pink colours of the
Designs & Paisley

The BoHo Skirt is a wrap around skirt, with the one tie inside, and the outer tie.
The top of the Wrap is a nice, thick, solid cuff, that holds nicely to the tuMMy.
This same edging foLLows along the outer part of the Wrap,
making a good "weight" to the fabric
so it lays pleasantly when You walk and sit.

When it Sync'd, it Sync'd.
I paired this skirt with Rimmel's Deliciously Dark nail polish,
and Their Soft Kohl eye liner pencil in Purple Passion.

I must say,
I Love this Skirt, Darling.
Dress up
Dress down
Just Dress in It!


As I always like to do, here is the link for the ebay shop:

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