Saturday, November 7, 2009

ELviS and The Dearly Departed ~ Peggy Webb

Imagine Johnny Bravo's voice, in the body of a hound dog....
and you've got Elvis.

and then, there's The Valentine Cousins,
who make me long for that never goTTen SiSter, 
or the Cousin that I used to be close to.
Great book.
Shenanigans, Laughter, and the Occasional Opinion of one Hip Hound Dog.
"It was Huge, Tiny Elvis!"
Anything that involves Elvis, automatically gets a Gold Star from Me.

Peggy Webb is a new found, happy treat.
She is Now on My "I really really like this author" list...
Born and raised in the South, I can totally appreciate the comings and goings of 
Southern Living 
{NOT the magazine, although, I can totally appreciate that too!}, 
Southern Family, 
Southern PaSSion.
Not to mention, But will! the Great fOOd and often Quirky pEEps.
Did I mention that Elvis is a major theme???

The first in this {hopefully long series} is now on the Special Shelf
in My house, where I kEEp all the Greats
{greats in my humble onion}
A great wEEkend Read or Take Along bOOk, 
tuck it into Your purse to sneak a few pages.........
or chapters.
I look forward to reading the Second bOOk in this Series:
Elvis and the Grateful Dead.

I just read Ms. Webb's website and Great News!
As it is there are already Five bOOks in progress, and Ms. Webb states
that it is an open ended series so there are many more Adventures to come
from Elvis and the Valentines!!!

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