Thursday, November 5, 2009

Home for the Holidays

This Holiday classic was released in November 1995.

Directed by Jodie Foster, this movie stars Holly Hunter, Robert Downey, Jr., Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning, Geraldine Chaplin, 
Steve Guttenberg, Cynthia Stevenson
and Dylan McDermott.
All great actors, and the chemistry
for a wonderfully, quirky cast.

My second favorite Thanksgiving movie,
(Charlie Brown Thanksgiving wins by a few points simply for the
Vintage/I watched this as a kid~ factor)


It's one of those movies that follows 
the Time Line of My Life.

Single MoM, 
Single Guy, 
Gay best Friend (instead of brother,lol)
Crazy~ass, Chaotic Family get togethers
The whole atmosphere! It really feels like Thanksgiving!

 Who could forget this Outrageous scene?


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