Saturday, November 21, 2009

Zote Soap

I found this soap at my local grocery store. 

First, the package had that vintage look which immediately drew me to it. 

Second, the price, like, a Dollar.

but Mostly,
it was Pink~

The bonus was that it was for Delicates.

And having a newly acquired wardrobe of delicate clothing, I am verra interested in keeping them as nice as new. So when the Sugar Plum Girl grows up, they really will be Vintage, and perhaps,
She will want to dress in them.

The soap is a bright pink, and smells really Lovely!

All Clean, and Sharp.

I washed a delicate sweater to see how Zote worked, and, well,
because the sweater needed to be.
I didn't have all the ingredients, just the soap, so I grated a couple of tablespoons and just added it to the wash.

Here's the sweater that I washed:

I couldn't get the right exposure to show the
Soft Peach coloring.
The sweater was nice and clean.

At the very least, it did the same as the boxed detergent.
It did seem to be a tad bit brighter, like a touch of those sparkles they put in commercials, and it dried softly scented and soft to the touch.
I'll have to try out a few more outfits to test the CoLoR theory.....
I do recommend trying it, at least one bar.


This is a recipe I found from someone who uses it as a detergent.
I've seen mostly good reviews.

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