Friday, November 6, 2009

Benefit's Dr. Feelgood Lipscription

and, oh! does the Dr. make You Feel gOOd!

If the Cold is Cold for the Face, then its even colder for the Lips.
Luckily for Me, cold weather is great for My skin.
My Lips, on the other Hand, suFFer greatly.
How must You enjoy the Holiday KiSS Fest with a pucker that is parched and peeling??
You Don't*
This Dr. makes House Calls (wink).

As I get ready for Holiday partaking, while in the Shower, I use the BuFFing Lip Beads to polish up My KiSSer.
Rinse well...

As I step out of the Shower, I slather on the Silky Lip Balm. With My lips freshly Polished and Softened from the hot water and steam, the Balm gets to sink in really deep.
The Pucker is now Plush and Lush...
Luxurious, Darling!~

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