Friday, December 18, 2009


Although, I order my chestnuts late in october, 
I can usually keep them fresh in my frig drawer.
I hate to order them that early, 
{and the Vendors are doing pre~orders earlier and earlier, thus selling out earlier and earlier}
I always fear that there going to go bad before Yulemas, 
which is when we like to eat them. 
With a cup of hot cocoa, not that instant stuff (Blashphemer!) but the Real StuFF!

I've read you can freeze them, but I never have, 
so I don't' know how it affects the chestnut.
I store them by themselves in a ventilated drawer, with slight moisture.

When ready to cook, using a small sharp ka-niffy {or knife as it is commonly known}
and score and "X" on the flat or flattest side of the Chestnut.

I tend to roast mine on a bit lower temperature than is sometimes stated.
around *300, for a steady 20 minutes.

You don't want to under~cook or over~cook. When the corners of your cuts are peeled back and the Chestnut has a golden color, they should be done. As soon as I take the Chestnuts out of the oven, I put them in a bowl and cover with a very damp dish towel.
This is when I prepare our drinks; that lets the Chestnuts cool down enough to peel without burning your fingers, but not so cool that its hard to peel them.

For the freshest Chestnuts, find an on~line retailer. Its your best bet to get the best Chestnuts. 

Often when you buy in the store:

*They are exceedingly over~priced!

*Way small, Way old, and Way to many go to waste {making it more over~priced!}

*Should be refrigerated.
 Unfortunately, I have yet to find a store
that stores their Chestnuts
in the cold  section.

Chestnuts also remind me of days living in Turkey. 
During......wait for it.......Wynter.
{told ya!}
Good Times.

but i did find this"

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