Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Merry Ghost ~ Carolyn Hart

Holiday Read
As I've mentioned before, I love to stack up on bOOks to coincide with the hOlidays.
Carolyn Hart's new book Merry Merry Ghost is another hit.  
Racing against time to solve the mystery, save the child, sort out the bad guy,
Bailey Ruth does it all with Style.
Perfect for that Holiday wind~down, with a cuppa of Your favorite drink, and for Me,
Botan Rice Candy
{is SO CooL! comes with a edible paper!}

Bailey Ruth the Spirit 
has so much Holiday Spirit 
She could be the fourth Spirit in A Christmas Carol!

Breaking ALL the Rules, which, let's face it, is Fun,
comes naturally to Bailey Ruth.
and even more so, when it's to save a Child.

Bailey Ruth's Christmas Traditions are worth the Laugh.
We should all dress up like Reindeer and pull a sleigh with all the Sugar Plum's presents
{must belt out song and paw feet like a real reindeer!}

Need a break, more than a kit kat can give ya?
Have a sit, bring supplies, and put your feet up
Enjoy the literary moment

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