Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yulemas Egg Gift Crafting ~ say GLiTTeR!!!3

My Favorite Part ~ Accessorize!!!

I started off by painting the outside
{remember, you've already GLiTTeRized the inside}
I placed some bent wire in the vise to hold the Eggs 
while painting and to dry.
Paint the outside BEFORE you decorate the inside or everything will be topsy turvy.
Some of them, I painted decorative.
Most of them, I painted a solid color.

My fondness for creating Flowers from beads was thoroughly Indulged.
and look at the GLiTTeR
{Priscilla was oh, so verra proud}

 The hardest part was trying to figure out what to create for each Person.
I asked a lot of questions
to get a feel on where to take this grOOve.

The GoDDeSS Egg is my Sweet Pick.
I have to say, I am so very pleased with my Self 
for creating that Goddess Sculpture.
Sculpting is not my forte'.

This Egg was done for a friend who misses her beloved PuP.
I wasn't that happy with the print out of Seamus, but after looking and looking, I had no choice. I printed the picture, used rubber cement to glue it to plastic sheeting, and cut it out. 
I was very happy about the Angel Wing Name Tag.
I stamped his name onto a piece of copper sheeting, then used my jewelers saw to cut around it. Gently filed the edges, and using E6000 glue, attached the tag to the wings.
I used hot glue to attach the wings to the Egg.

For all the Bead Flowers, 
I used specialty glass beads from my favorite shop
in New Orleans, decorative bead wires, confetti pieces, fabric flowers...

 In order to attach them, I cut two small squares of balsa wood
and used the dremel to drill tiny holes at random on the square.
Then for each wire, bent the end a smidgen to a 90* angle.
Slip the angled end through a hole and spot stick it with hot glue.
When each wire is glued, I placed a blob of hot glue over the ends
and then attached sandwich~style the other balsa square.
Hold firmly til the glue cools.
I used the hot glue to attach the whole thing to the bottom of the Egg.

 Once that cools and is firmly in place,
cover the bottom of the Egg with elmers glue and GLiTTeR
{even MORE GLiTTeR...Priscilla may pass out}

and there You have it,
a piece of art, unique, creative, and most assuredly, LoVeD.

As mentioned, next time, we're going bigger.
And I'd like to try carving the whole Egg.

Have a Gloriously Eggy time!

The Artists Market and Bead shop

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