Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Angel STaTue

The Chuck Man has always called me Angel. 
I saw this ceramic angel statue at Hobby Lobby I bought it right away. 
The Chuck Man is VERY hard to buy for, but I knew something like this He would like.

The supplies were very simple:
Acrylic paint in various colors
Brushes in various sizes

I started with the Skin,
trying to do light coats.
I was going for a soft smudgy
look with the paint.
 Using a soft cloth
to wipe away and blend.
I left the paint in the crevices
to create the depth.

 Then I worked on the hair.
Using the same technique of light layering and wiping away, 
I picked three colors that would {hopefully} blend to create my hair color.

For the Dress, I used a combination of Dark Red 
{it says Christmas Red but it has a heavy orange tone to it} 
for bottom layer and the Magenta over it.
Metallic CoPPer for the Wings, heavily wiped, and Silver for the bOOk.

I very barely managed to squeeze~write Tin Man hearts Angel on the pages.
And there you go. 
The great thing about doing projects like this, is, You can be as simple or as elaborate as You would like. I really wanted simple, rustic, look. 
As usual, the pictures look bland, no details really emerge. 
But He LoVed it.
She sits on His desk at work. 

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