Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yulemas Egg Gift Crafting~say GLiTTeR!!!2

Egg Stand

In need of something to stand the Eggs on,
not wanting to spend the money
or the time
to order them,
I told my Self....Self, You can do it!

Sculpey Clay just plain RoCks!

Sculpey Clay
regular Egg
Small glass or circle cookie cutter
Pat out a thick slab of Sculpey.
Approximately 1/2" thick. 
 Cut your circle out.

Using the regular Eggs, press firmly into center of clay circle. Try to go straight down, for this will create a deeper well for the Egg Art to set in.
 Bake in oven. I bake mine on a low heat, 200*, for about 30 minutes.
{check package directions}

Once the Egg Stands are cool, you can decorate.
I did try CoPPer Foil, but that made it too slippery,
and the gOOse Egg kept tilting.
I was pressed for time so I didn't get to experiment with 
things to anchor the Eggs to the stands.

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