Monday, December 14, 2009

The Beauty of Betty and Bettie

For an unexpected early Yulemas treat, 
I bought two dresses and a pair of shoes from Modcloth.
Both Vintage looking, Betty Crocker and Bettie Page.
Shoes...Betty Versatile.

I wasn't sure how I would like the fabric print in Real Life
for the Garden Dress by Trashy Diva....LoVe it.
And it fits like a Dream. The Man keeps calling Me, Mrs. Cleaver! 

The Cinnamon Girl dress by Bettie Page, 
I'm still warming up to.
The color is a lighter than the computer image, 
almost a bland tan, but it fits well, 
and it can easily be color~cised with Stocking, Jewelry, Shoes...
I do like it enough to keep it.
The Man and I do like to catch Art Showings when We can,
and this is a Dress for Nights like that.

The shoes are nice and comfortable, and mentioning before, My lack of Heel~ability, I can do these! A nice neutral, simple style to go with just about anything. I am sorely sick of flat, flip flops!!!

Overall, I'm pretty damned pleased with the selections.
Now to find some Celebratories to attend!

Garden Club Dress

Cinnamon Girl Dress

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