Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Whymsical Wynter mOOn

 Looking through Holiday bOoks I found at the Library,
I found a project that fancied up plain paper~mache' ornaments.
I've had this mOOn {and also a sun ~ future project}
for years now.
I was bored.
So's, I got un~bored.
Plus, I get to use the word Whymisical!
LoVe it.

These would look Wynter Wonderful on a Twinkly Tree!

I gathered~
PaPer Mache ornament
White acrylic paint
Light Blue acrylic paint
GLiTTeR Packs Metallic Mix ~ Silver
Twinklets Diamond Dust
Blue Wire
Blue Ribbon
Toothpicks {or something straight and pointed to draw with}

 Paint ornament with white paint for base coat. 
I did 3 coats for a nice solid coverage.
Make sure and let dry completely in~between coats!

Using the light blue, highlight the face ~ eyes, chEEks, lips. Use a soft brush, and soft fluffy type motion to subtly bring the face out. Let dry.

I used the tip of my glue bottle to draw out my designs, which wasn't really conducive to nice thin exotic lines.
I did use a strip of thick gauge wire and toothpicks to help.
Search your local art shops, or online for all kinds of thin tipped bottles to use. 
{Henna applicator bottles with assorted tips would be nice. Make sure and clean glue from tip!}
Tip: Do One or Two Designs at a Time. Glue will run,
especially if on a curved surface}

I used the Metallic Mix Silver for the outlines.

I went back and filled in the Stars with the Diamond Dust,
but it apparently didn't sit well with the elmer's glue, for it yellowed. I will be trying a different type on the next one.
Maybe decoupage glue...

When everything is completely dry, if so desired, spray with a varnish, matt or shiny. I did a matt coat.

Using a piece of blue wire, I carefully punched a small hole in the top, and inserted the wire loop I made into said hole. Using a bit of tissue paper and glue, build up around the base of wire loop. Dry. Add ribbon and hang.

IDEA: If I had a small plastic cow, I would have GLiTTeRed Her up and attached Her with a sprig of wire as though She were jumping through.

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