Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Trouble with TriBBLes

I really can't think of ANYBODY who hasn't heard of The Tribble.
Not only that, They get that slightly crooked smile, and for a moment, a dazed far~off look, while they trip back to that episode of Star Trek.

I loved Star Trek. 
I love Trekkies.
They are SO CooL!

This episode originally aired on 
December 29, ....wait for it........1967!
What can I say??? It was a DAMN gOOd Year!

Even Mr. Spock was smitten with {ok well, liked} The Tribble.

and Oh! The Intrigue.....
Tribble Trouble
A Surgically altered Klingon Spy
and even a "western-style" brawl {at the BAR, no less!}
But its no Tribble,

Captain Kirk saves the day from All the Trials and Tribble-ations with His usual Dashing, Suave, grOOvy Self. 

Here's the full episode:


  1. I was never a trekkie so I didn't watch too many episodes. But I never knew that the movie was Gremlins was such a direct take off of these furry little fritters. They're hilarious!

  2. I love Gremlins. They were hella trouble too!

    {a gremlin and a tribble walked into a bar...}