Monday, December 28, 2009

Rockin Robot resin pendant

Robot paper
White stock paper
India Ink
Transfer sheet for frame~up cut out

Taking a piece of clear transfer paper, measure Your bezel and cut the square out.
Mark the edges with a dark marker for a frame~up.
Using Your frame~up, determine how You want to have the Robot look.
When positioned the way You would like, trace around Your frame~up with pencil.
Cut the Robot and two pieces of White stock paper; 



Apply the India Ink to cover the background and make it uniform. 
LiTTLe goes a Long way. 
Once the Ink is dry, using a small amount of Glue,
layer the Robot paper and two pieces of Stock paper together and let dry.
Once the paper is dry, smear a small amount of Glue inside the Bezel and place Robot paper stock on the Glue, using Your finger to gently rub the paper stack to the Bezel.
Again, let dry.
Mix up Your Resin and pour into Bezel. 


To get rid of BuBBLes, use a straw to gentle blow on the Resin
{and for goOdness sake! DON"T SUCK UP THE STRAW!}
or very carefully use a heat gun. Not To Close!
After the Resin is completely dry, usually over night at the least, if needed, mix up a small batch of Resin and touch up, put a final layer in the Bezel.
Add cord.
Its Out of this World...... 



Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Ink


  1. Thank you for sharing this craft idea. This robot pendant idea is lovely and will make a brilliant gift for the kids. They would love making and wearing it.

    1. It's a favorite! I should make some updated ones.Thanks!