Saturday, December 5, 2009

Birthday cakes, Parties, rOOmcleaning,

Today is Party Day!
Parks are great places to have birthday parties....unfortunately, it was too cold so we ended up having it at the house.
Anticipating such an event, we were prepared.

I fell wicked mad with the thrill of having a daughter in December, Wynter, Yulemas. 
She made it just under the wire.
Pink is her favorite color for the moment. 

For the party I made the Hersheys cake straight off the back of the can.
She wanted Pink frosting, so i used a can frosting and tinted it Pink. Used tube frosting for the sneaux flakes.
While whipping up the gOOdies for the party, 
I of course, had to have some Kitchen Karee~okee going on.
The LoVing Man purchased this Vintage Christmas Song cd for Moi a few years ago. 
It was perfect.

With the party being inside and for some reason not being able to locate a pinata for the party {i dunno know, maybe they decided to have a party themselves} 
I had extras from a classroom art project that was perfect.
They were already prepped, there was plenty to go around, and it got their attention.
Beaded Snowpeeps for tree hanging. 

Presents and then CAKE!
fun was had by all, and afterwards, some tired pEEps of all sizes, helped clean up.

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