Monday, December 21, 2009

Spirit of Ursa Yulemas ~ The Yulemas Bear

Bear is a great protector. 
As a Child, Bear would scare Me.
As an Adult, I came to understand Bear, 
She was there for Me, not to harm Me.

Wynter is a time for Resting, and Hibernation, a look inside..
A perfect Tyme, to become One with Bear, 
To give Thanks;

 Especially as We get closer to The Wynter Solstice.

This is the most Sacred time and will be the time of the Alban Arthuan, the Light of Arthur.  This is the Wynter Solstice, Yule or the Wheel of the Year.

In the ancient tales this would be when Bear travels into the dark places,  where We are scared to go, and retrieves the Sun from the Stag, Son of the Heavenly Doe.

Bear hibernates in the cold months, allowing access to the Unconscious in order to blend Introspection, Intuition and Instinct leading to attaining personal power.

This animal reveals the interrelationship between the Person: within the environment of creation, within the clan and within the universe.
Bear helps People recognize personal truth and strength, when to stand up for rights and when to walk away.
It imparts Inner Knowledge that makes it possible for People to seek alternative paths to Their goals.

She represents Primal Power and defends with fierceness from all dangers; She has the ability to use Intuition to find Truth.
This Primal Power and Intuition merge into one uniting Star.

The Yulemas Bear is a reminder to go within,
to find it,
use it,
Become One with it.
Let that Star Shine....
and She does it all with LoVe!
{hence, the Heart at the center of Her crown}

 Printed On Card:
Spirit of Ursa Yulemas {The Yulemas Bear} 
She represents Mother, a Fierce Protector, especially of Her Young. 
She blends Introspection, Intuition, and Instinct so You can recognize Personal Truth. 
She is most powerful during the Yulemas Season, 
with Her power the greatest on Wynter Solstice, 
Her most Sacred Time. 
In Her Hibernation, or Dream Time, 
She goes into the darkest places where We are scared to go, and brings back the Light. 
She is Strength (or primal power) and Intuition 
merged into One Uniting Star, that radiates forth.

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