Sunday, December 20, 2009

Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea

 People are paSSionate about Their Tea.
No doubt about it.
Back to that Turkish heritage, Lucky Me!!!

There's a ritual to making Turkish Tea, 
and the right taste is in the brewing to Some, 
   For Me its the amount of water added to the cup. 
To little and the brew is strong, to much and its watery. 
I have a Cousin that went by color, deep rich amber.

{Tea is essential to a Turkish Hostess with the Mostess}

The Turkish Mother
While waiting for the cOOkie dough, 
I asked The Turkish Mother to show Me
how to make The Turkish Tea.

Fill the bottom of the Turkish Tea Pot with water.
Put 1 to 2 Tsp. tea leaves in top, with about 2 tbls of water to steam.
Once the water in the bottom starts to boil, 
let it boil approximately 5 mins 
and then add about 1 cup of the boiling water from the bottom to the top.
Let it simmer for about 10 minutes.


Add tea brew from top to glass, about 1/3 full.
Add boiling water from bottom to glass
Sweeten with Sugar....I LoVe using Sugar Cubes!
 Short and Sweet...
perfect with Turkish Cookies
Fresh bread and cheese
Sour Cherry Preserves and Bagets
Simit Turkish Bread

Turkish Tea
Making Tea

 Kafkas Sour Cherry Preserve ~My fave brand

 Simit {`smit} Turkish Bread

Borek [Turkish Meat Pie ~ have not made these particular recipes}

 The Meaning of Tea {movie/documentary}

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