Sunday, December 6, 2009

Alice ~ a Two Night Mini Series on SciFi

I love cheesy, and I love Sci~fi......wait, those go hand in hand don't they?

From my early days of Star Trek to the cheesy Hercules and Xena; 
Brisco County, Jr and Earth 2 {clancy brown people};

This mini series is kind of along those lines.
Not overloaded with too many special special effects,
a totally different {as far as i've seen} interpretation of Alice in Wonderland.
Many great stars, most especially Tim Curry!
LoVe Him! Think Devil in Legend...hoOkEd.

Caterina Scorsone plays Alice, 
and I have to say,
She's the best Alice 
{in my humble onion}

Kathy Bates,
most excellent Queen of Hearts
{and has a son named...wait for it...Jack}

Not enough Tim Curry though.

After tumbling through a Smoky MiRRoR {liking this!}
She finds herself on the other side.
and thus begins, as we all know, Alice's kick ass journey!
{and kick ass, she does~ she's a martial arts instructor}

So put on those bunny slippers, 
and bring the Eats & Drinks, 
settle down for a two parter wonderous journey in this strange land....
You'll ♥ it!


 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

 REALLY Looking forward to this version: Tim Burton

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