Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Yulemas shoPPing in New OrLeans

                                               A family field trip

The Man and the Sugar Plums
Driving in the rain,
singing Christmas songs
the excitement......
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

                                                        Great parking!!

 Then onward to Lunch at the Pizza Kitchen. Kiddos cutting up at the table.

I had the Lasagna.

After, We walked across the street to the French Market. Lots of exciting thing to look at, She got a name bracelet and a beaded purse.
Then back across the street to the Art Market and Bead shop where I purchased some really great beads for My projects.

Then, the piece de resistance ~ Santas  Quarters!!

After closing the deal at Santa's Quarters, we dashed across the street to buy some Fudge, finishing up a Sweet! day.

The Man hands out some silver to the Sugar Plums for making Wishes.

It was a Grand Day out.
The rain did nothing to damper Our joy, it just added to the ambiance of the Holidays ~ the coziness of all the Shops lit up, the Yulemas decor, and one hell of a great family to go experience it with.

The Stash

 The Artists Market and Bead Shop

Santa's Quarters

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