Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Affair.....

a very debonair Robert Mitchum.
a very beautiful and youthful Janet Leigh
a very charming Carl Davis

oh, who to choose? who to choose?

and throw in a very delightful Gordon Gebert 
as the very delightful child.
He made me Laugh.

I have never sEEn this movie till now. How I missed it, I don't know...sigh.

It's now in, 
"The CoLLeCtiOn".
Young war widow, Two Men.
Throw in some Yulemas Spirit....
and You've got }


That's the kind of Fire I wanna put my Stockings on........

and of course, The Clothes.

So have a Holiday Affair Your Self, and snuggle up with the Honey
to watch this vintage classic. 

This is the same studio who released ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE (also in, "The CoLLeCtiOn")

This clock has nothing to do with the movie, except its supposed to be a prop.
Cool, huh? 

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