Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday After Next

Had a not so great day? Holiday Hectic getting on Your nerves? Need a good laugh?
Definitely one for when the sugar plums are down for the night.
The third movie in the Friday series, in my humble onion, its the fuNNiest.
This time around, Craig and De De get caught up in Holiday Hi~jinks that find Them being robbed by Santa, Starting a new job, Tackling Thieves and Church Ladies, and of course, hook up with the Females. All on Christmas Eve!
In the end, there's Christmas Spirit for All! 

Top flight security of the world, craig.....

hold on wait a minute, put a little pimpin in it...
                 {check out katt williams comedy shows}

Make sure and leave Santa plenty of His favorite snacks from Holy Moly Donuts....He'll thank ya for it!
{minus the flies please}

It never fails to make me laugh.

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