Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yulemas Egg Gift Crafting ~ say GLiTTeR!

   Watching an episode of Craft Lab one afternoon,
this artist was creating Egg Art.
I have a this LoVe~thing for Mini~creations.
Hence, My LoVe for resin.
I digress..
Using Blown Goose Eggs,
She created scenes for the inside.
For the episode, She did Alice in Wonderland
{its Reallly hard to find the episode, 
for some reason hgtv and diy network
have gotten rid of alot of Craft Instructions and Videos.}
That hooked me in further.
but this, this was the absolute final sinker ~ GLiTTeR!
{Priscilla smiles}
The whole inside was just a luscious layer of GLiTTeR.
 Thats it. I'm doin it.

So I ordered the Eggs.
I ordered Duck Eggs
                                                and Goose Eggs.
The Duck Eggs were small.
The Goose Eggs were about 8.0/8.5.
I did not do well with carving/cutting the Duck Eggs.
The Goose Eggs were great, but I'm going bigger next time.


Mark Your opening on the Egg. 
When You start cutting, go smaller,
cutting on the inside of the line.
You can always enlarge the opening later.
I used a fine point dremel carving/engraver bit to Carefully and Slowly drill a hole
and then follow the line drawing as carefully as possible.
     Mine created a lot of dust.

Beautiful, yet creepy, in a body snatcher kind of way, don't you think?
Using a dremel sander bit, turn the dremel on to the lowest setting and Carefully and Slowly
sand the rim of the opening.
After the cutting and sanding, I washed the Eggs, then let them air dry.

Now, here comes the YummY part.
The GLiTTeRizing!

Using good old Elmers glue, put a nice decent layer of glue on the inside, making sure to cover the whole surface up to opening.

Generously! pour the GLiTTeR into the Egg, and SwishSwishSwish...
coat the indside. 
Pour out the excess onto a creased piece of paper to pour back into the GLiTTeR bottle.

Oh, Deliciou~zo.

Metzer Farms

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