Saturday, October 10, 2009

Its the Great PumPkin, Charlie Brown

 Remember when You had to wait the WHOLE Year! to watch this CLaSSiC?

Even though This and all The Other Shows are available on dvd's, 
We stick to TradiTion.
October 1st.........Game On. 

I can still remember, probably beTTer than Yesterday, laying on the floor, Excited,
watching the show on a big ole 27 inch Zenith or RCA, you know, where you actually
had to turn the KNOB to get to a different channel, ahhahahahaa.........
(sigh) Ahhh, Memories.

I had a great Childhood. 
I consider that Lucky;
and Blessed.

This was part of it.

Even as a child, Halloween was only second to Christmas.
And pretty much my whole childhood
was spent trick or treating as a WITCH.

Welll, somethings the Universe knows before Us.
If not all! lol

Now I get to pass on all of these Traditions and Memories to my WombFruits.
It warms the Heart and really does make the Day better.

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