Wednesday, October 28, 2009



patchouli ~ Hippie perfume...smells like Forest, Pot, and Snuggling.

yeahhh, That about sums it Up! (grin)

Its also My "Signature" scent. Its basically all I wear.

And you can surely bet, that after years of wearing it, I've got the hang of it.
I've learned NOT TO GO BY SMELL!

That's a REAL quick way to over~do it, 
and send the Crowds packing.
Remember, Your Scent-sors get used to scents and smells.
So, I've got it down to a Small drop on the Wrist, 
Rub and Swish over body and neck.

99.9999999999999% of the time, I get great compliments.
Apparantly, Patchouli suits my Chemistry.

During different times of the year, I will layer it with other Scents.

Autumn maybe with a Chocolate/Brownie body wash/gel...
Winter with a soft Vanilla ...
{I do mean soft, Vanilla is another scent that can get CRaZy~
too much, real quick}
Spring and Summer with a Rose Water rinse in my hair..
Its a great layering scent.

I shower with Kiss My Face 
Peaceful Patchouli Shower Gel,
which is a really great way to get a soft 
(but not invisible) Patchouli scent.

I was lucky enough to find a Patchouli plant at Whole Foods this year (pictured above).
I waiting for the flowers to come through because I haven't seen those yet.
The Familia and I are planning square~foot gardens next spring, 
and I definitely will be planting more.
Because, naturally I'm going to have a Beauty Garden! 

I wear the Now brand oil. In all the years I've worn it
(Ummm, 15?) 
only one time have I gotten a bottle that wasn't up to par. 
I actually got some complaints on that one.  
 So I poured it into the Extras bottle 
(I put all my oil endings into one bottle to let them continue aging,
so far so good)
Lorann Oils is a good place to get oils, 
although I haven't ordered from them in a while.

While gOOgle-ing Patchouli, I found this pleasantly pleasant surprise.
A band named PATCHOULI
I only got to listen to a few songs, and I liked them.
Folksy, guitar type music; Make a really good Studio CD.

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