Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ghost At Work ~ A Bailey Ruth Mystery

                           Ghost At Work ~ A Bailey Ruth Mystery
                                           by Carolyn Hart

I discovered Carolyn Hart in December of 2007. Due to an illness, I was at home ALOT.
I would go to My local library after the Family had dinner, to destress and get out the house.
One of Her bOOks on tape happened to be by the counter, and while waiting in line, I read
the description. It sounded right up my alley. I then proceeded to read every single one from that
series from Beginning to End, In Order! yep.

Carolyn Hart had/has become one of my
Top~Authors~I~Will~Read~Every~Book Authors.
I guess I should have just mentioned that I really really really like Ms. Hart's books.

When I found out about the new series, I was quite excited.
Ghosts AND Mysteries, a most enticing combination....
The book came out in September 08, and Bailey Ruth Raeburn was born.

I waited until October to read it though...........
I know, I know
I have this Thing, see..I like to coordinate my Holiday bOOks.
Ghost at Work is a Halloween mystery, and Halloween is in October.
Go Figure. (smilesmilesmile)

So here's a Treat for You;
a perfectly sound reason to veg for an hour, or two, or even three.
Add a piece of cheesecake and a cuppa of cappuccino,
and just Dare! anyone to disturb you.
or at least just have a pillow handy to throw at them if they bother you.

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