Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to The Holiday HoHo Queen.

October 1 always signals to me, the beginning of the Holidays. Always a perfect excuse to do some thing fun, some thing crafty, some thing with GLiTTeR!

Autumn, Fall, Harvest, what ever you call it, just thinking about it can bring feelings of warmth, excitement, and great days ahead, watching the leaves change, yummy fruits and veggies, days curled up with great bOOks. Kids going back to school, new school supplies, and general mayhem.

I would go through art books and my Mother would bring me to K&B Drugstore to buy My supplies: pipe cleaners, styrofoam cups, glue, GLiTTer, Construction paper, etc...
While She sat in the Kitchen and sewed, I sat at My table and did Art!

Its when I love to cOOk my Grandmothers Chicken and Dumplings, and her Rice Pudding. My Mother's Lentil soup and Lemon Meringue Pie. My family loves to help with all of these. So, here we begin with a simple HeLLo. I will be posting many many different things, from projects to recipes to bOOks.


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