Monday, October 5, 2009

Le DeCoR.......

As close to October 1st, as I can get it,
Out come the Decorations!
When I was younger, I would go through a WHOLE pack of construction paper and crayons, drawing and making all the decorations and then stick them to the wall.

Today, its a bit more, but every year We get compliments.

Our "crowning" glory is Our blow up Phantom Carriage.
We had gotten ours a few years ago, and I haven't seen them this year,
but You can find them online.
Here's one that's almost the same, except We have a Skeleton in Our carriage.

I have to say, that my fave though is the Witch by The Potions sign and Cauldron.

Decorations don't have to be fancy, I usually just like the simple stuff. I'd be just as happy with a yard covered in Spider Web ( a MUST! for Happy Halloween Decorating!) and a few strings of lights!

We buy Our PumPkins a few weeks before Halloween, and carve them the day of. Or maybe the night before if its a wEEk night.

If you click on the pictures, They open up full screen, and You can get a better look at the Decor.
Unfortunately, with aLL the rain, We've bEEn geTTing, My pOOr Spider Web looks Wimpy.
Ahhh well, I'll just have to FLuFF it up when it dries.

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