Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MaGicaL MySTeRy ToUr InCeNse

MaGicaL MySTeRy ToUr InCeNse

This is by far, one of my all time Number One incense to make.
Everything about it just screams ME! lol

I've been mixing up batches of this incense since I first started practicing the Wiccan Path,
so it holds many a great memory for me, from a very important time in my life.
Not to mention, but Will!, it has a wonderful scent.
Not a burnt herb smell, but a really nice smell.
I found this recipe in Wylundt's bOOk of Incense.
Wylundt's is Absolutely my Darling for Incense Recipes.
It's full of Funky and grOOvy recipes that just call me Sweetheart....

When mixing up loose incense, I like to add a bit of Saltpeter/Potassium Nitrate.
It helps the mixture burn better AND
it adds this fantastic Sparkle when afire! 

I mix up small batches at a time, 
mainly due to the Dampness Factor
and Smoke Factor.

Saltpeter/Potassium Nitrate has a tendency to gather the damp
which can really throw the burn off. 
The two worst problems are 
1) difficulty in burning 

Its best to store in air-tight container to ward off the moisture
as best as possible.
When too much is added, You have Hella Smoke, too much smoke.
Small amounts people, small amounts.

Here are the ingredients for Magical Mystery Tour incense
(as found in Wylundt's Book of Incense)
Bay 3/4
Frankincense  1/4
Sandalwood  1 1/4
Cinnamon  1/2
Dragon's Blood 1/4
Lilac Oil

mixing bowl
small grinder
saltpeter/potassium nitrate

Now, the numerical parts of the recipe do not stand for any specific type of measurement. It stands for the RATIO. What ever type of measurement device You use, follow the Ratio. Since I mixed up small batch, I just used My 1/4 tsp. spoon. So for 1/2 I filled it twice.
3/4 I filled it three times; and for the 1 1/4, I filled it 5 times. I know this may sound like common sense to a lot of pEEps, but recipes can be confusing enough for many.

One other potential problem is the "authenticity" of Lilac Oil.
Peeps, like Me, really like Their Potions & Notions to be as Authentic, as possible.

Apparently, "true" Lilac Oil is hard to come by and expensive.
Of course, I've googled and searched, and many say "true" (or in so many words)
Lilac oil. I used to use what was in the shop I worked at, now I usually just leave it out.
I plan to order some type of oil in the near future to add to the recipe anyway. 

After gathering My supplies, I added small amounts
to my mini electric grinder (small coffee grinders 
work really well) and measured the Herbs out.
When finished with the grindage and measuring,
I mixed all together really well.
If you choose to add the potassium nitrate, add now,
and mix again.

Store Your incense mixture in an air-tight container to help keep fresh.

I tried to get a great picture of the Sparkle affect, but alas, the camera, my self, and the flamage could not coordinate!


Potassium Nitrate:

 Wylundt's bOOk of Incense

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