Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MaD MoNSTeR PaRTy ~ 1967

As big o' Fan of Rankin~BaSS that I am, I had never sEEn or Heard of this, till my Dear friend RoBiZZLe, turned me on to it.
What the....???
How can this be?

it's from 1967,
the year I was Born into this Earthly Delight.                       

I am a BIG fan of 1967, therefore guiding me into learning what I can, when I can, all about 1967~
and Yet, I miSSed this. (sigh)

On a bright note, thanks to downloads and dvds and online shopping........

You can own this special dvd today!

I will be ordering this sOOn and wait with glowy excitement
to not only see it My Self for the first time, but sharing it with my WomB Fruits (they are mini-rankin~bass fans)


Mad Monster Party is a fun stop-motion animation feature film by Jules Bass. He’s the same guy who brought us holiday favorites like “The Little Drummer Boy”, “Frosty The Snowman”, “Rudolph”, and “The Year Without A Santa Claus”, among many others! I was four years old when this film came out, but I don’t remember it! Featuring the voice talents of Boris Karloff (1931 Frankenstein), the film centers around his character Baron von Frankenstein and his retirement from the monster creating business. He’s just created an anti-matter potion that will destroy anything. As all of his colleagues receive invitations to his retirement party, all heck breaks loose as the plotting, planning, devising, and back-stabbing Dracula, Werewolf, The Mummy, The Monster, The Invisible Man, and many others seek to take over his mantle of leadership. They have one problem, the Baron’s nephew Felix, just an average guy who works as a store clerk! This is the guy that the Baron wants to take his place. That doesn’t sit too well with everybody! They've got to stop it from happening! This is a just for fun movie with some really classic animation and sculptures that is a blast from the past for all that remember it!

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