Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gypsy ~ Enchantress

When I first rediscovered My Pagan path, this was the album that really spoke to Me. 
Actually, I had it on cassette.

It brings back feelings and memories of Great Friends, Tarot Card readings and Scratch Brownies, Angel Meditations, Thrift stores when they were still Thrift stores, Metaphysical Meetings, Treasures from Garage Saleing, My first joyous treks into Health fOOd stores with Their Awesome Health and Beauty Products, Magic, Candles, oh my! 

Barksdale's Health fOOd store and Barksdale's bOOkstore.
Nature's Treasures
Coyote mOOn
Living fOOds
Mystic Gemcraft
The Candle Shoppe
the birth of CoFFee Shops......
All these PeoPLe, Places, and Things.

The Music is one of the most envoking for Me, to bring it all back, like it was Yesterday
{instead of Yesterday Yesterday}

Gypsy ~ Enchantress

This one has her newest album also, which looks like it was release late 2009
Spirit Nation

Bring Back the Light 


Heaven's Gift

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