Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Friend Monique Larroux...Photographer Extraordinaire

Thanks to, specifically FB, I have reconnected with many, many, Natives from my former Tribes and Travels.
I recently had the chance this past September 24th, to have dinner with Monique and Her Hubby, Kelly,
Along with other childhOOd friends, Elly, John, Kim, Mr. Sones (teacher), and Mine Hubby, we had a grand time at Fleur de Lis  pizza, One of THE BEST freakin pizza restaurants around.

I Love Pin Up
I Love Vintage
I Love Moniques work. 

This is Moniques Website.

The hope is to one Day,  do a Yulemas set, Police set, and a Baby Blue set..........oh YeaH.

Other sites by Monique

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