Thursday, October 22, 2009

Montagne Jennesse Face Masks

Ummmm, yuMMM!
Be Spoilt! 
and During the Holidays, 
who wants to look Haggard Hell.
Not I!

I have a great FondneSS for Facial Masks.
Since middle school, when My MoM first started fiLLing my Stockings with Beauty products,
those Lovelies like 
Caswell-Massey's Red Jasmine cologne 
(comeplete with a hand sprayer perfume bottle!)

French Green Clay and Witch Hazel
(I can still hear the very nice lady explain to Me how the clay would work).

Clinique Make Up and Face Cleaning Products
(which I still use today)
I've been infatuated, and taking care of My Self is a top PrioriTy!
                                I do it with Phenomenal Relish and Delight

I would spend hours after school and on the weekends, becoming One with My Stuff

Steaming my face, 
PuTTing on masks,
Styling my hair,
then the Makeup!

 gOOdneSS! What fun to be had when playing with Beauty!

But what to do when You are running a tad bit short on TIME???
Egads, shudder the wonder....
No worries.
These are great liTTle packets of help right here, yes yes they are.
Montagne Jennesse carries many different types of masks, 
footsie potions, hair,
and body notions.
But I do have to say,
The Chocolate
The Aromatherapy
are by far, the Best.

The Chocolate is just like opening a can of Frosting, 
in Touch, Look, and SmeLL.
(No, I haven't tasted it!)
It agrees with Me, without the calories!
Calms me down when I'm rushing.

The Aromatherapy gives me a sense of refreshment.
To Me, it smells mostly of Lavender, a most harmonious scent.
I like to use this one when I have the time to Worship at Leisure,
No Sense in rushing the GoDDeSS Beauty Ritual!

and don't forgeth The Fella.
Men have a zeal for Pampering, too. 
Put on a mud mask
(and if your guy shaves His head, buy an extra pack for Him to do His scalp also)
You manicure His hand nails,
He'll paint Your toe nails!

The Man and I have a Mutual Admiration of Pamper time,
which, will usually lead to Mutual Admiration of Each Other,
(nudge nudge, wink wink)
Especially check out the  New Products for 2009!
(unfortunately, They only ship in the UK, but You can always contact Them
or Your local retailer to see about purchases)

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