Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ghosty Pins


The first time I ever used resin was in the mid 70s when an older brother of mine, had bought some. He let me use some for a Mothers Day project to give to my Grandmother (a dried gumball from her gumball tree). She kept till about 13 years ago, when She gave it back to Me, to keep, because She didn't want it to be thrown away)........I still have it.


I've come along way since then, using tints and colors, and making my own molds!

Using a Ghost mold that I made Me Self,
I mixed up some white resin to pour and then set.
When the resin was set, I PoPPed them out and let them "cure" for another few days,
just to make sure that it was completely dry.

Next step was to mix up some black resin,
using a tOOthpick, drop the black resin into the eyes and mouth.

Once the black resin was dry, I adhered the pin backs to the Ghost and let that dry.

I mixed up a small batch of clear resin, to dip the Ghosts in as a final coat.
I figured if I dipped them in the clear batch with the pin on, it would act as an extra setting for the pin, but the resin was messy and coated the pin so they don't open.
After GENTLY prying the pins from the Ghosts, I reglued them.
If you want, you can mix a small batch of clear resin and using a small paint brush,
brush the resin around the pin base.

and Voila!

Ghost Pins.

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