Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Morgan's TaRoT

I fell in Love with these cards the verra moment I picked them up.

They Made Me Smile.
Then, I got home, opened them, and

They Made Me Laugh.

The first release of this deck was in 1970.
I bought Mine in the mid 90s.
I use It when I need a Bit of a Humor bOOst ")

Many Fall/HaLLoWeen Festivals, Gatherings, & Parties
will often have some form of Fortune Telling (looooook innnntoooo mY Cwristal Ballll)
I would never advocate, nope, never, the misuse of Tarot cards, these cards just beg to be used.
But, Treat Them Kindly~ No Need to Be Rude!

The iLLusTraTions are just Wicked CooL.
I've never been very good at Sketch Drawing,
so, of course, I adore them!
(One reason I'm such a BIG fan of Edward Gorey)

I do have to say that the "meanings" of the Cards can be, a bit, Out There (tha'ts one way of puTTing it)
Stick with it, You'll get it.


  1. Wanted to make sure you and your readers know that this deck is being reprinted by US Games Systems in LIMITED quantity.
    It is expected to be available sometime around February 4th.

    Pass it on!!

  2. Thanks a bunch for that! I'm definitely going to grab a deck or two.