Saturday, October 17, 2009



Now that I understand the Persimmon, lol,...........

I'm not sure how many of You have ever actually tried a Persimmon, but I tried one for the first time today.

What a Wonderful Surprise!

It has this warm, subtle spicy, Vanilla taste.

My Vietnamese neighbor across the strEEt, brings them to Me
(he's always bringing us fruits and vegatables that He grows Him Self,
as weLL as the pLants to grow)

The Persimmon fruits that He brings are of the Hachiya variety.

They are VERY astringent, and I can testify from personal experience that yes, biting into an unripe Hachiya is, as I read somewhere, like drinking a cup of tea made with six bags!
Talk about instant dry mouth!

But, then this wonderful, amazing thing haPPens, Ripens!
It gets all squishy, like an over ripe tomato, (they haPPen to look like a tomato too)
I'm not sure if you can see how the Persimmons on the left are darker than the right (pic at top)
but those are the ripe ones.

And You think, No way!
Yes Way!
You split the skin and can scOOp the inside out with a spOOn and eat it, just like that.

What I did was set them out on a plate, on Their tops, as They ripened I would move Them to another plate with a bowl on top (to keep those nasty fruit flies off). They all ripened pretty quickly and mostly together.

Look at that Beautiful pattern on the inside.
(Sigh) I'm a sucker for Natural Beauty in Things............

When I had a plate full of ripened ready PeRSiMMoNs,
I cut Them in half, ScOOped Them out,

and put them in a tupperware to store in the frEEzer.
That way I have plenty of PuLP to use in any recipe.

I'm for sure going to make a PuDDing, and there was a Persimmon Walnut bread I want to try.

Here's to New Things.

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