Friday, October 23, 2009

PumP Start My Heart Herbal Candle

My Herbal candles are more for Beauty and Magic
as opposed to Scented.

There's a Beauty to a candle that is thick and chunky,
with a myriad of colors and textures the Herbs provide.


I Love my Herbal candles, but I never leave them to burn if I'm not home.
I would recommend a Large plate~type candle holder
Sand in a Bowl candle holder.
When the wax melts, the herbs do too,
so you have to watch to make sure the glob
of wax and herbs don't go ablaze.

This candle is for those cool Autumn nights,
when The Heart desires some PaSSion.


1 White Jumbo Candle
Cinnamon sticks
Crushed Chili Pepper
Olive Oil (a dab will do ya)
Bees Wax
Parchment Paper

First I melted some of the bEEswax 
in the microwave (I used a glass votive) and then placed the glass on my stove griddle, low heat, to keep it warm.
Electric cup warmers also work well.

I placed the CiNNaMoN stick in the grinder to
grind into small chunks. You want the small chunks
not powdered.

Cover your work surface with the Parchment PaPer.
The paper is really fantastic because You can peel
the wax and herb bits off to put back on the candle.
Less Waste!

Using a DAB of Olive Oil, rub the candle with it. 
The original purpose of the Olive Oil was to help the Herbs stick to the Candle. It does help a bit with the smaller pieces, 
and really well with the powders.
This is where I learned that You should do the 
powders first and then the Herbs. I reversed it, putting the powder last and it ended up covering the pretty Chili PePPers and CiNNaMoN bits.
So, sprinkle the CoCoa Powder on the Olive Oil for a light covering.

Lay your candle on the parchment paper, and sprinkle some of the chili pepper and cinnamon bits on the jumbo candle. 

Using a straw, dip the straw into the wax, use your finger to cover the top of the straw (which keeps the wax inside the straw) and after placing the straw over the candle, move the straw down the length of the candle while drizzling the wax on the herbs. Try not to let to much puddle in one spot or you will have a big blob of wax showing instead of the herb.
You will have to do this a few times to get the 
length of the candle.

Continue this process, giving a minute or two for
the wax to dry before turning the candle, until You
have covered the candle completely around. 

When I make Herbal candles, before burning Them, 
I empower Them with
a Wish, a Prayer, or a Thank You 
(coinciding with what I would like the candle magic for)
This is one, You'd want to empower with PaSSion, Hot KiSSeS, and Lovin.

and Voila! A PumP Start My Heart candle.

Here are some of the meanings that go with the Herbs and Colors that I 

White ~ Peace, Purity, Sincerity, Protection, HaPPineSS, Spirituality, Strength, Ritual,mOOn, GoDDeSS.

Chili pepper ~ Fidelity, Hex Breaking, Love, Fire , PaSSion

Cinnamon ~ Spirituality, Success, Healing, Power, Lust, Love,
High Spiritual Vibrations

CoCoa ~ Let's face it, lol, Cocoa is chocolate and Chocolate just makes EVERYTHING better!
Chocolate is dark, sweet, dense, soft, and sensuous.  It's not only a wonderfully sweet treat, it's also reputed to be composed of magical properties believed by some to assist in the acquisition of power, love and money.
Many people throughout history have believed that chocolate is a very intense and powerful aphrodisiac. Modern Science has actually confirmed that chocolate does contain a natural substance that is reported to stimulate the same reaction in the body as falling in love.

Fire It Up! muah!

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