Sunday, October 4, 2009

The AuRoRa TeaGaRden series ~ Charlaine Harris


October is a wonderful month for Mysteries.

Today, I highly recommend!

The AuRoRa TeaGaRden Series

by author
Charlaine Harris

I'm hOOked. I purchased these books after getting interested in Tru Blood.

When ever a series or movie is based on books, 
I like to try and read them first. 
This happens to be {as far as I can tell} the first series 
that Ms. Harris has written.
I will be purchasing the other series very sOOn*

It really scores with Me, when a writer makes me laugh.
And Aurora does just that.
Plus, She reminds me of Me a little~

Charlaine Harris is also the writer of

The LiLy Bard Shakespeare series


The SOOkie Stackhouse series
of which my lovely hubby is getting Me for YuLemas!

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