Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am SO Honored! See, I got this LeTTer......

In the mail today.
For the Life of Me, I could not figure out what it was, or whom it was from.

Oh the Happy Happy, Joy Joy...........it was Special.

Two years ago, an artist on Tribe, sent out a call for packages, basically to send her a piece of used clothing and a Word.
And any other things, objects, notes & letters, that We felt like putting in.
She was going to use them in her project "BABEL ~ IDENTITY AND COMMUNITY AS MATERIAL" working towards Her diploma.

I participated. I remember sending Her a piece of a puff quilt my grandmother made, a rolling paper, a resin heart?, and a few other things that I haven't remembered yet.
Two years later, and forgotten, I recieved this Letter.
Out of the 30 or so packages She had recieved, She picked 5. And Mine was one! How Honored I am.

Especially after I read Her letter  and She told me about two participants in particular. One walked out Laughing, another with Tears in Her eyes. (Yep, I miss my grandma too! Every damn day.....)

Included was a fold~out sketch story of what happened inside the tent.
I was awe~struck to say the least. gOOsedbumps and Sparkly Tears, aside! lol

Sandra, Thank You So Much for Making My Day!

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