Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's HaLLowEEn! HaPPy Samhain, pEEps!

Witch and ghost make merry on this last of dear October’s days.  ~Author Unknown

What a fulfilling Day! I was totally BeTTy!
Persimmon and Walnut Bread
Caramel Apples
Carveth the PumPkins
and of course,
and the Offering Plates to Celebrate Samhain

Started the day with baking. Using the Persimmons my Neighbor had given Me ( I had already processed the Persimmon Pulp, froze them, and then took that out this morning), I used a recipe that I found online to make the Persimmon and Walnut Bread. Being One to Spread the Wealth, and be thankful for gifts, I made two loaves (just doubled the recipe). One for my Neighbor. It was Scrum-dilly-umptious!

Next, We made the Caramel Apples.  Mine WombFruits unwrapped (with MINIMAL eatage!) the caramels,  while I prePPed the aPPles.   They twirLed the aPPles, I swirLed the caramel on. 

The Blu LOVES caramel aPPles, and I think He ended up claiming 4 of them over two days......

Carveth the PumPkins!
and then on to........


The PumPkins overfloweth ........................

Afterwards, Friends came over to visit, eating much Candy!

And then, at Midnight, plates of OffeRings were left, one on the outside Altar,
and one for the inside Main Altar.
OffeRings of Persimmon & Walnut Bread,
Cheese, Fruit, Milk, Bread, BuTTer, Honey, Wine & ChoCoLate.
Thanks was given for the Final Harvest
In RemebeRence and to Honor
Loved Ones who have passed away.

Samhain Celtic festival

Samhain Eve is one of the principal festivals of the Celtic calendar, and is thought to fall on or around the 31st of October. It represents the final harvest. The Celtic year began in November, with Samhain (meaning "summer's end").

Samhain is the most magical time of the year.

This is the time to perform the samhain remembrance ritual to honor loved ones who have passed away.

It is called the day which does not exist because the walls that hold the material world apart from the spiritual world are dissolved. This happens when Skathach (the great female Celtic warrior) lowers her shield during the night.

Samhain is a time of great joy and union with a higher world.

At this time the spirits of the dead and those who have not yet been born join those of us living in the material world. Ancient Celts provided food and entertainment for these spirits, inviting them to walk among them in this festival in their honor.

Meaning of Samhain

Samhain is celebrated on a material as well as a spiritual level.
Materially, it represents a time of gathering resources for the long winter months that are coming. For those who had a bad season through the fall, Samhain is a time to prepare for the perils that winter may bring.
Spiritually, Samhain is a time for reflection and meditation on death, and the honor of your ancestors who have passed to another plane. It is an opportunity to be at one with your past, present and future. The Great Feast of the Dead is celebrated on Samhain Eve to offer tribute to those who lived before you, and those who will come after you.
Samhain predates the Roman feast of the Dead, Lemuria, and All Hallow's Eve - the eve of the Christian holiday to honor the saints, All Saint's Day. The secular holiday today is known as Halloween. All of these festivals, though called by different names, are celebration of the awe, communication with, and respect of the dead.

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