Thursday, October 15, 2009

Glass Etched Jar

While making the Chamomile Milk bath, I decided to Glass Etch the jar.
I gathered my supplies:

White Contact paper
X-acto knife with BRAND NEW BLADE (very very important)
Drawing pens or markers

I cut a square of contact paper to stick to the glass bottle.
I drew my design on, just eyeballing it and then,
colored in the Definite Areas of Extraction.
Use the rule to help stay on the Straight Lines if you need!
(Having a very sharp X~acto knife really makes this job A LOT easier)
Very carefully! Cut all your lines ...
Using the tip of the X~acto, peel up a corner,
and slowly peel the contact paper off the jar.
If an area is not cut through all the way, gently slice.
Dab the etch creme on thickly!
Make sure that you get the corners so they will be evenly etched.
Let set for 15-20 minutes

Rinse and Dry

And Voila!
Glass Etch Rocks!

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